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THOMAS SABO Women's Watch Stainless Steel WA0343-201-215-33

Turquoise, Stainless Steel, 33mm, Knitted Steel Strap, Safety, Special Hardening Mineral with Sapphire Coating, 5 ATM, Precision Quartz, 3 years Warranty, WA0343-201-215-33, Open, 31 Milanese, Sapphire, 5 ATM, Quartz, Immediate Receipt / Delivery 1 to 3 days
€ 249.00
(with VAT)

Your time, your style: Inspired by the culture and tradition of the Southwest Native Americans, the ARIZONA SPIRIT 3-hand watch from THOMAS SABO is a casual statement piece. 
The play of colors of the imitation turquoise on the dial inspires the imagination with its fine structure. If the gaze then widens to take in the details of the model, graphic ethnic engravings exclusively designed by THOMAS SABO appear along the case. These engravings are painted gray and harmonize with the matt vintage look of the stainless steel. The crown is decorated with a haematite in a matching color. The ethnic look continues on the finely structured and embossed Milanaise bracelet, making the watch a symbol of lightness and positive energy.


Since 1984, THOMAS SABO has been presenting flexible, innovative and modern designs for high quality jewelry and watches and high-end beauty products. Our goal is to offer every customer - man or woman - the ideal accessory for every garment and for every occasion. Then you can discover yourself every day, from timeless classic to rock n 'roll style.



THOMAS SABO Women's Watch Stainless Steel

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