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For your special…  Gift.

                The Lourdas Heart is made up of two halves that come together to                          make one
                    complete heart.

It is designed to look like two kissing dolphins that can be seen, leaping
from the crystal clear, azure and turquoise blue waters of Lourdas Bay, and
by doing so, form the Lourdas Heart.

As each half of this beatifully crafted, elegant necklace meet, the sound it
creates is the sound of the gentle waves upon the beach. …An ideal symbol and
reminder of your love for Lourdas and its unforgettable golden warm sandy
beach, protected by the majestic Mount Ainos.

This lovingly, handmade heart is available for Valentine's Day Or any Other Special Occasion
Crafted in 18ck  750% degrees Gold Handmade

Designed and created by Andrew G. Garbis,  High Jewelry Designer Purveyor of Fine Greek Jewellery & Captain Corelli's Jeweller
in Lourdas, this limited edition is exclusive to his Lourdas store.

Postage is free of charge.

Please email me with your telephone number and provide a convenient time in
which I may call you and take your order.

Payment may be made by credit/debit card and are 100 percent Secure

Lourdas Heart in 18ck Gold

VAT Included
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